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Don't miss your chance to invest an a timeless heirloom for your family!

We are clearing floor stock to allow room for renovations in store.

If you have been thinking about investing in a prestigious Grandfather clock, now is the perfect time! We have discounted our prices to move them quickly.

There are only 4 left, don't miss out!

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Grandfather Clock - Kieninger Walnut stain with inlay motif
  • $7,100.00

Sold out

Grandfather Clock - Kieninger French Mahogany with engraved motif
  • $7,100.00


Grandfather Clock - Kieninger, French Mahogany stain
  • $8,500.00
  • $6,800.00

Sold out

Grandmother Clock - Hermle movement
  • $4,000.00