Cuckoo Clock Troubleshooting

Welcome to the German Village Shop Cuckoo Clock troubleshooting page. Innovative, unique and intricate, the German mechanical Cuckoo Clock requires some extra attention and care with installation. Most of the adjustments only need to be done once and then your cuckoo clock is set for life.

Whether you have an old Cuckoo Clock that isn't working or you are trying to set your new Cuckoo Clock up at home, these videos will assist you with troubleshooting the common concerns.

Click on the links for the following instructional help and information:

Unpacking and installing a mechanical Cuckoo Clock

CLICK HERE for the video link. This video demonstrates how to unpack, hang and set your your cuckoo clock once you get home.

Common troubleshooting after Cuckoo Clock installation

CLICK HERE for video. This video shows a combination of basic problems that can occur after instillation and how to easily fix them eg:

  • The clock stops working after a period of time
  • The time runs too fast or too slow.

Cuckoo Bird not calling 

CLICK HERE for video. This video demonstrates a few of the most common reasons why your cuckoo bird is not calling as it should. The video also provides the solutions to each of these simple problems.

Music box not working

CLICK HERE for video. This video demonstrates a few simple adjustments that might have to be made in order for the music box to run smoothly.

Clock hands are loose or have fallen off

CLICK HERE for video on how to readjust clock hands.

If your problem still has not been solved, you can email us at

Please include the following in your email:

  1. In the subject field please write "Cuckoo Clock troubleshooting" so we can filter the email to our customer service staff.
  2. Inform us whether you purchased the clock from us or not.
  3. Send a video of the clock on the wall, working as it strikes the hour.
  4. Have someone hold the clock and video the inside mechanical workings of the movement as the clock strikes on the hour (you will have to remove the back panel to do this)


We hope to get your cuckoo clock "cuckoo-ing" as soon as possible!