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Hahndorf's History

Photograph above shows the Main Street of Hahndorf (1881)


The first and traditional owners of the Hahndorf, and surrounding areas, were the Peramangk people. Hahndorf was traditionally called ‘Bukartilla’ which translates to ‘deep pool’. The Hahndorf area was an important water and food source for the Paramangk people.

In 1839 Hahndorf become the home of many Lutheran fleeing persecution from Prussia and East Germany. Nestled in the Adelaide hills, Hahndorf is a town that mimics the beautiful scenery, weather and feel of their homeland - Germany.

The town of Hahndorf is Australia's oldest German Settlement

Life in the small but growing community was based heavily around the Lutheran church. By the 1850's, the primitive huts were giving way rapidly to the traditional fachwerk style of farmhouse and barn imported from Germany, together with stone churches, schools, and hotels.  During wartime, the German community of Hahndorf suffered persecution once more. Between 1917 - 1935 Hahndorf was renamed Ambleside and the Lutheran schools were closed in South Australia by Act of Parliament in 1917. In 1936 the ‘Hahndorf’ name was restored to mark South Australia's centennial year.

Behind the bustling Main Street, filled with cafes, wine, German food, retail stores and art galleries, is a strong knit community comprised of some of original settler families and, relatively speaking, ‘newcomers’ to our fabulous town.


Hahndorf still celebrates its German heritage by putting on iconic festivals such as the Schutzenfest, Oktoberfest and the German Christmas Markets (Weihnactsmarkt). 


Hahndorf, which is situated in the Adelaide Hills offers something special every season! Summer is the perfect time for outdoor dining and trying an assortment of German Beer, finishing off the day with some locally made Ice cream. Hahndorf really puts on a show in Autumn with its trees in the Main Street turning golden and red! Winter is the easiest excuse for hot chocolate or maybe some warm Gluhwein, with plenty of cafes to choose from with open fires it will be hard to leave! Spring is the perfect time to try crisp white wines from the local winery's, enjoyed with a locally sourced cheese platter.

We look forward to seeing you! 


Hahndorf South Australia German Town, German VillageHahndorf South Australia German Town, German Village




History of The German Village Shop

The German Village Shop established in 1989 in the heart of Hahndorf in one of the original township buildings. The heritage listed stone building was built in 1866 and was once a stables and stone masonry. Later the current owner Justin Lang purchased the business from his parents. It has been family-run business for over 15 years and remained a favourite attraction to international, interstate travellers and locals alike.

Hahndorf History The German Village Shop


Today the German Village Shop is still thriving in the beating heart of Hahndorf; however, after three decades it was time to say goodbye to our beloved heritage listed building.

BUT we have not gone far!

The German Village Shop has moved 160m up the road to a fantastic new location. Though our building now is not as old as our first, it is still one of the traditional houses in the Main Street of Hahndorf.

As we said farewell to our little shop, we have said hello to a more spacious shop with with a larger range of German products and entire room FULL of Cuckoo Clocks! With that familiar German music, we have everything you loved and more at our new location!

Justin and Rebecca (the custodians of the German Village Shop) continue to create a place for memories to be made and nostalgia to be shared!

Justin Lang and Rebecca The German Village Shop Hahndorf South AustraliaJustin Lang The German Village ShopThe German Village Shop Owner Rebecca

Honouring our German ancestry


Our Mission & purpose

Unser Deutsches erbe ehren (Honouring Our German heritage)


Despite German culture already proving it can last the test of time, more intimate traditions don't last forever unless actively nourished! Here at the German Village Shop we strive to provide people with a place and products that honour their German heritage. We specialise in providing knowledge about German traditions and import authentic handcrafted German products.

Product and Experiences

At the German Village Shop our mission is to nourish German culture and traditions, so they continue to stand the test of time. We strive to provide people with a place and products that honours their German heritage. We specialise in importing authentic handcrafted German products, from the iconic Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks to Traditional German Beer Steins, authentic Christmas Decorations, Weather-Houses and more!

Celebration is a large part of the German traditions, and we love to help people celebrate with the German spirit over Christmas, Oktoberfest, and Easter!


Meet The Team

Nothing is more rewarding than working with family! The German Village Shop is a family run business located in the beating heart of Hahndorf. Although not all of us are related, we have known each other for decades and share a passion for hard work, professional service, and all things German!

We all have German roots and enjoy the chance to honour this part of ancestry through our work at The German Village Shop.

At The German Village shop our values are simple. We aim to deliver our service with friendship, passion, and absolute joy! We celebrate our proud history through providing authentic German products to our delightful customers.




 Step inside for an unforgettable experience and be transported home to Germany!

The German Village Shop The German Village ShopThe German Village ShopThe German Village Shop

Join us in celebrating German culture!

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