About Us

Our Story, Mission & Ethos 

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Thank you for letting us share with you our History, Mission and Ethos! Here we will outline WHY we exist in the first place and take a bow to our German ancestors who made the courages journey all the way from Germany to Australia in the 1800's. 

Hahndorf's History

Hahndorf is the oldest surviving German settlement in Australia. German settlers arrived in the area in 1839. Many of the founding families still live in Hahndorf today. The photograph above was taken in 1881 of the main street in Hahndorf.

The German Village Shop History

The German Village Shop is situated in the heart of Hahndorf in one of the original township buildings. The heritage listed stone building was built in 1866 and was once a stables and stone masonry. 

The German Village Shop business has been established since 1989 and the current owner Justin Lang purchased the business from his parents. Its been in the family for over 15 years and has remained a favourite attraction to international, interstate and local travels for over a decade!

Honouring our German ancestry

Next, we will detail our pledge to uphold German history and tradition and honour our German ancestors heritage!


Our Mission & purpose

Unser Deutsches erbe ehren (honouring our German heritage)

Despite German culture already proving it can last the test of time, more intimate traditions don't last forever unless actively nourished! Here at the German Village Shop we strive to provide people with a place and products that honour their German heritage. We specialise in providing knowledge about German traditions and import authentic handcrafted German products.

Product and Experiences

We love everything German here at the German Village Shop and that includes traditional German products such as Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks, Traditional Beer Steins, Christmas DecorationsWeather-houses and more!

We also love helping people celebrate the German way at Christmas time and ramp up the festivities at Oktoberfest and Easter!

Next we will introduce our family (staff) at The German Village Shop who help bring this mission to life!

You will find out what makes our family here at The German Village Shop 'tick'. 

Meet the team!

Nothing is more rewarding than working with family! While not all of us are related by blood most of us have known each other for decades! We all share in common a passion for hard work, professional service and having a good time! We all have some German roots and enjoy the chance to honour this part of our ancestry through our work at The German Village Shop.

Our values!

With a strong history and foundation (why we exist), our authentic German products (What we do) we then aim to deliver our service with friendship, passion and fun! We love to create an experience for everyone that comes into our store and provide the products to help cultivate German festivities and customs at home.

Join us in celebrating German culture!

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