Cuckoo Clock and Stein Care

How do I care for my German products?

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Looking after your Cuckoo Clock

Keep your cuckoo clock going for decades by reading our Cuckoo Clock Care guide. We provide instructions on how to care for your Mechanical Cuckoo Clock with regard to its mechanical movement and wood carvings. We also have provided a specific guide for your battery operated cuckoo clock. We hope to keep your Cuckoo Clock in great condition so it remains in your family for generations!
Please note: We are no longer doing servicing or repairs on Cuckoo Clocks (exception of warranty repairs/replacements) Please contact us for information about your nearest Cuckoo Clock repairer. 
SA Repairers:
Download our Clock Care PDF for Mechanical Cuckoo Clocks



Download our Clock Care PDF for Battery Cuckoo Clocks



Looking after your German Beer Stein

Whilst there isn't any regular maintenance required for your German beer stein, we have provided some instructions for cleaning the clay and polishing the pewter on your stein, to help restore its original shine and glory!


Download our German Beer Stein care PDF