Cuckoo Clock Care

How to look after your Cuckoo Clock

Your original Black Forest cuckoo clock should last in your family for decades! We are here to make sure that your clock brings cherished memories to your family for many years. To ensure your Cuckoo Clock keeps "Coo Cooing", Simply follow our Cuckoo Clock care instructions outlines below. 


Cleaning your Cuckoo Clock 

To keep your cuckoo clock looking bright and attractive requires only a simple cleaning practice.

A soft, dry paintbrush or static dusting cloth will keep dust and dirt build up away.

Please do not use harsh chemicals anywhere on the clock, as it can damage the wood and varnish.


In summary:

Cuckoo Clock pendulum Don't use harsh chemicals on the treated wood

Cuckoo Clock pendulum Light dusting is best done with a static cloth or paintbrush

Cuckoo Clock pendulum Don't use any oil in the clock movement specialist skills and equipment is  required for servicing.


For mechanical Cuckoo Clock movements

Cleaning the movement

It is not recommended that you oil or spray ANY of the internal mechanism. This can severely damage the working parts. A can of pressurised air can be used to remove dust internally.

 Regular servicing

Just like a car, a mechanical Cuckoo Clock will need regular servicing by a professional Cuckoo Clock repairer.

A regular service done every 7-10 years will ensure your clock continues to run smoothly. The German Village Shop can direct to you towards the nearest Cuckoo Clock specialist in your state.  

Battery operated cuckoo clocks do not required regular servicing.

Battery (quartz) Cuckoo Clock movements

Only use good quality batteries such as Duracell, as they will last longer and are the less likely to leak.

In the event that a battery does leak and cause some corrosion, you can carefully remove the residual acid by using a fine sandpaper.


Environmental factors

Environmental factors can affect the way your clock runs and its longevity. Warm or moist air can warp and distort wooden parts, while dust and heat may dry out oils and create wear on moving parts.

It is highly recommended to keep your clock out of areas with high humidity and extreme heat. Therefore, careful consideration must be taken if you wish to hang your clock in kitchens, wet areas and over fireplaces.


In summary:

Cuckoo Clock pendulum Regular servicing will keep your clock working for decades

Cuckoo Clock pendulum The German Village Shop does on site servicing and repairs

Find out more about our cuckoo clock servicing and repairs offered at The German Village Shop, by clicking the button below.

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Cuckoo Clock pendulum Be mindful of keeping your clock in areas with high humidity and extreme temperatures


Downloadable Clock Care PDF's

Feel free to download our Cuckoo Clock care PDF's for reference.


 Mechanical Cuckoo Clock care

Mechanical cuckoo clock care PDF from The German Village Shop

Download pdf


    Battery Cuckoo Clock care

Battery operated Cuckoo Clock care PDF from The German Village Shop

Download pdf

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