Meet your cuckoo clock horologist

Justin Lang 

Cuckoo clock repairs and servicing
Repair my cuckoo clock

Justin is experienced in working with many different designs and models of Cuckoo Clocks. He enjoys restoring Cuckoo Clocks to working order, especially those that have been passed down through generations.

He is also a certified warranty/repair serviceman for the traditional Engstler Black Forest cuckoo clocks. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us here if you would like to speak to one of our staff on the phone about your cuckoo clock.

cuckoo clock repairs and servicing

cuckoo clock repairs and servicing


We specialise in Black Forest cuckoo clocks repairs and servicing. We don't take on any other type of clock.

There are a few brands of cuckoo clocks that we don't repair due to the complexity of their own unique movements. If you are unsure you can contact us here for further assistance.

Due to the corona virus restrictions we are not open every day, please call prior to visiting our store to make sure we are open.

You can deliver your clock to us in person where one of our staff will perform an initial assessment to give you more information on what services we can offer. 

You can also post your clock to us. Please contact us here for further instruction on packaging and posting your clock. We will also send you a form to fill in prior to postage with your contact details. 

GENERAL SERVICE PRICE - Clock is running but is due for service

Between $120 to $220 depending on size of clock 


MOVEMENT REPLACEMENT COST Movement is worn and needs replacing with another traditional German cuckoo clock movement made by Regula (German clock movement manufacture, Germany)

From $350 to $590 depending on size of movement and whether the clock also has music.



Music boxes $260 - $330 depending on size

Clock hands $35

Chains $40 for set

Bellows $75 for set

Pendulum $45 - $120 depending on size and whether painted vs plain wood

Weights $25 - $40 each depending on size


POSTAGE of your clock to and from our store is payable by the owner of the clock

Once we have received you clock (in person or via post) we will perform an assessment by running your clock for 24 hours. We will also assess the clock movement for damage and ware.

We will call you with a quote and get confirmation prior to proceeding with the repair or service.

We will give you an estimated time of completion for your clock repair.

If you do not wish to proceed we will arrange for your clock to be picked up or posted back to you.