CUCKOO CLOCK QUARTZ Quartz traditional before the hunt scene with oak leaves

Cuckoo Clock Quartz - Traditional before the hunt scene

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A traditional style Black Forest Cuckoo Clock featuring the iconic 'Before the Hunt' scene with hand carved deer head, rifles, rabbit and pheasant and surrounding oak leaves. It also features a wooden dial and wooden clock hands. The little Cuckoo door opens, the Cuckoo Bird looks out and the cuckoo calls on the hour according to the time and after each call is followed by an echo. Additional details include the hunters horn and pouch. The clock comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Clock movement: Quartz movement (battery operated) with light sensor for automatic night turn off. There is also a switch to manually turn off the cuckoo

Size: Clock case height 40cm (16 inches)

Colour/material: Stained German Linden wood

Warranty: 2 years