Cuckoo Clock Mechanical 1 Day - Musical chalet & rocking horse

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The traditional Black Forest Chalet had a hand made roof, chimney, rooster weather vane and hand carvings including a young German girl on a rocking horse. This chalet had been made using two differently treated Linden wood timbers, one in its natural form and the other has a light walnut stain. Hand carved trees, deers and St. Bernard dog complete this iconic black forest scene. It also features a wooden dial and wooden clock hands. The little Cuckoo door opens, the Cuckoo Bird looks out and the cuckoo calls once on the hour and full hour according to the time. The water wheel turns, the girl rocks on her rocking horse and the figurines wearing traditional black forest clothes dance around to a music from the mechanically driven music box. There are two alternating melodies (Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer) which play every half hour. The clock features a wooden dial and a hand carved cuckoo bird. The clock comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Clock movement: 1 day mechanical (daily wind up) with brass chains and manual off switch for night time.

Size: Clock case height 34cm

Colour/material: Stained and natural German Linden wood

Warranty: 12 years