The making of German beer steins

The craftsmanship behind the German beer stein

How are the traditional beer steins made?

The beer steins have been made by qualified beer stein craftsman. This trade can not be learned over night, the beer stein makers have gone to University to learn how to make these quality pieces in the traditional method. Tradition is at the heart of the company, every single piece is hand crafted using the traditional methods preserved over hundreds of years. The tradition, quality and hand craftsmanship of the German beer stein makes for a very special gift for your loved one and is a clear favourite for collectors.

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Rustic German beer stein with state crests for sale imported from GermanyGerman beer stein with pewter night as lid for sale in Australia imported from Germany

The steps of producing a traditional German beer stein

Designing and creating the mould

The designer will think of designs for the beer steins, keeping tradition in mind. Hereafter the design will be given to the stein model workshop which will create the mould for the steins to be made in. The mould is then used to make the stein.


All steins are made from the highest quality clay from the Westerwald region. So when you purchase a Traditional German beer stein you are literally holding a piece of Germany in your hand!

Caring for your beer stein

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Hand assembly and painting

When this process is done the handle will be applied where after the stein will be trimmed by hand. After this every single stein will be placed in the ‘drying room’ where they will stay for several days after which they are ready for under glazing. The transparent glaze will now be applied by hand where after each individual stein will be placed in the kiln for firing. During the firing the stein materials are hardened and bonded together. When the firing is done, the steins will be cooled off slowly in a controlled cooling area which ensures the consistency of the materials. When this process is finished an artist will hand paint the steins with enamel colours. After this, the high-quality pewter lid will be affixed. The lids are individually designed and made for each stein collection. Inspectors will now do one final quality control inspection ensuring you will only receive the highest quality pieces!




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