The most prestigious Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks


The Black Forests most prestigious Cuckoo Clock manufacturers


The best of the best

When it comes to master wood carving and time keeping engineering, Hones Uhren is known as the “Rolls-Royce” of Cuckoo Clocks. Hones are known and respected as one of Germany’s most famous Black Forest Cuckoo Clock manufactures. Hones specialised clock carvings are really something to marvel at. The wood carving doesn’t just resemble iconic phesants, hares, black forest hunter apparel or traditional chalets but actually comes to life! The life like appearance stimulates your imagination of what life might have been like in the 1700’s living in the Black Forest. The clocks becomes more than a symbol of 1700’s Germany but rather a living tribute to the features and iconic elements of that time. Hones clock carvings will truly take your breath away!


Wooden Stag Hones cuckoo Clock The Black Forest Germany Hones cuckoo clock The Black Forest Germany Wooden Carving stag and hunting scene


History of Hones Uhren

Hones was founded in 1950 by master clock maker Daniel Hones. Later only (in 1984) Wolfgang Trenkle took over his successful small business and grew the workshop to what it is today. Hones work shop is located near Titisee in the Black Forest in south western Germany. Thy proudly source domestically grown and manufactured materials for their wood carving and clock movement construction.

Hones is a certified member of the VDS (Verein Die Schwarzalduhr or Black Forest Clock Association). Hones Cuckoo Clocks have distinct features which make them recognisable. The first is the Company logo placed on the dial instead of the number 12. More famously however, is their exquisite and ornate master carvings which make them visibly distinct from other Cuckoo Clock companies from the Black Forest.


Hones cuckoo clock made in The Black Forest Germany Hones cuckoo clocks made in The Black Forest Germany Hones cuckoo clocks made in The Black Forest Germany


Visiting the Black Forests most prestigious Cuckoo Clock Makers

Justin Lang (owner and director of The German Village Shop) had the privilege of meeting with the owners of Hones and seeing their workshop and craftmanship firsthand. Their workshop is located in Titisee in the Black Forest. Justin was so impressed with the quality of their craftsmanship, integrity and passion that he simply had to have these clocks in our shop in Hahndorf South Australia. 

Justin imports cuckoo clocks from Hones Germany so everyone can enjoy these prestigious wood carved time pieces in their home!

Hones cuckoo clocks The Black Forest Germany Hones cuckoo clocks Made in Germany Hones cuckoo clocks made in Germany


How to purchase a Hones cuckoo clocks logo sold at the German Village Shop Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

These cuckoo clocks, exquisitely hand crafted by Hones clock makers are a feature in our shop, located in Hahndorf South Australia. We arrange these unique pieces of art work to be custom made to order, as they should be! You can purchase them online and we arrange their creation in Germany and then organise the shipping to us in Hahndorf where we inspect your Cuckoo Clock before sending it on to your home.


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