Our top German Gift ideas for Christmas!

German Gift Ideas

What are you buying your loved ones for Christmas?

It's that time of year again! Hopefully you are organised and have all your loved ones presents sorted well before the last rush before Christmas... 

We always have that one person that leaves us scratching our heads and asking, “What do they want or need?” or “but they already have everything!

Unique Christmas gift ideas

Well, we hope to save you some time and get that creative thinking done for you! We have made a list of our BEST German Gift Ideas!

Cuckoo Clocks

Wanting to buy something sentimental? Maybe your sister just moved into her new home or the newest little one in your family is having their first Christmas and you want something extra special? Well the German Cuckoo Clock really does cover a lot of categories; its hand crafted using traditional methods, its made to last decades and it reminds the recipient of YOU when it cuckoos every hour! 

We have two types of Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks:  The Mechanical cuckoo clocks with the original engineered movement or the more recent Quartz cuckoo clock which uses batteries to keep its time and power the Cuckoo call on the hour. Both types are hand carved by Black Forest wood carvers!


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Schnapps boards & shot glasses

You know that cousin that you hardly talk too but ALWAYS gets you a present at Christmas? why not blow his socks off with a German Schnapps board and shot glasses! Fun and unique, it may just become the centrepiece at Christmas lunch or dinner. Maybe your have run out of ideas for Dad, why not get him a German Schnapps board and couple it with his favourite spirit! You can celebrate Christmas with him over his favourite liquor and a hearty toast "Prost!". We are sure the liquor will taste better drunk the German way.


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Weather houses

What are you going to get Mum this Christmas? And Grandma surely has everything already?? Well, the German Weather house makes a unique and thoughtful gift. They are a symbol of German heritage and will have your relative dreaming about the magical Alpine region when they look at it adorning the mantel in their home. Pretty but also functional, with its original humidity measure inbuilt in the weather house, the women will appear when the weather is dry and sunny and the man will come out when the weather is wet and cloudy (that's bound to get a chuckle out of Nan!)


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Traditional Beer Stein

Well if you are looking for something that yor brother is would LOVE but probably not buy himself, then the traditional German Beer Stein is it! It's going to look great on the mantel or in the "man cave" either way. Steins were traditionally given to celebrate ones achievement (usually military) but would make a special grift or tribute to someone who has finished University or concluded a chapter in their life.



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German Harmonica's  

This gift option is fantastic or someone who literally has 'everything'. A traditional German Harmonica is bound to achieve a raised eyebrow on your eccentric uncles face when he unwraps this one! Hohner harmonica's are a prestigious world renowned brand which specialises in making the highest quality musical instruments. Anyone who is musical inclined would appreciate this gift! It's the original pocket sized 'fidget spinner' which can be whipped out at social events or used to keep one preoccupied during long distant travel. Great fun, easy to learn and lasts a lifetime!


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Hopefully we have given you some inspiration for gifts for those 'hard to buy for' friends and family! 

 If you purchase any of our products online we also offer FREE GIFT WRAPPING and can also write GIFT NOTES for any present your sending to loved ones this Christmas!