Origins of the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Authentic time pieces, traditionally carved and designed in the Black Forest Germany.


This unique time piece, the famous Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, are all hand made from natural and stained Linden wood. Master wood carvers create pieces of artwork representing life in the Black Forest.

The most traditional carvings depict the HUNTING SCENE with stags, rifles, hunters pouch and horn. Some designs also include pheasants and hares. The reason for this theme is that it was the hunters in the Black Forest area that originally started making cuckoo clocks, as a way to ear an income in the winter.

The clock carvers also make designs that represent the traditional Black Forest CHALET'S. Farm scenes, saw mills, wood choppers and beer drinkers commonly decorate these designs. Steep shingle roofs with bell towers and traditional German fachwerk exterior are regularly featured. 


Justin Lang, Clock horologist has a special passion for the mechanical movement of the cuckoo clock.

The mechanical movements have been made and perfected in Germany for hundreds of years. There are 1 day (24 hours movement) and 8 day movements available in Cuckoo Clocks. 

In more recent years the traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock makers have made quartz movements (battery operated). With the same wooden carved exterior but a battery movement, these clocks have enabled people to enjoy the "coo coo" sound without worrying about winding their clock up every day or week. 


Traditional clock makers in the Black Forest Germany

Hones is one of the oldest Cuckoo Clock producers in the Black Forest Germany. They specialise in large 8 day mechanical cuckoo clocks with life like solid wood carvings. 

Englster is a family owned and operated Cuckoo Clock manufacturer and continues to produce repeatedly high quality and unique wooden carved Cuckoo Clock designs. They are a favourite here at The German Village Shop Hahndorf. 

Authentically German

Both brands come with the VDS authenticity sticker