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Comitti Clock sold in South Australia  

The Navigator Clock

Limited edition


The Navigator clock is a tribute to clockmaker John Harrison (1693 – 1776). John's success in making the world's first marine clock meant the sea travel would never be the same again! These flagship products are designed and crafted using traditional clock making methods in Comitti's workshops, England. 


Comitti Navigator clock sold in South Australia Comitti navigator clock for sale in South AustraliaComitti Navigator clock for sale in South Australia


Limited edition Rose Gold Navigator clock  Comitti crafted only 25 Rose Gold plated, Limited Edition Navigator clocks with a Carbon Fibre base. 


Comitti clock sold in Australia imported from England

Here at the German Village Shop, we stock a Rose Gold plated Navigator clock, number #14 of 25 made in the world!

 This luxury and historic timepiece is on display in our store and makes a timeless investment piece for your family. 

Comitti Clock authenticity certificateEngland 1800's when comitti was established in London



Learn more about the History of the Navigator Clock and Comitti's tribute to the original inventor John Harrison


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The navigator clock originally invented by John Harrison for sale in South Australia